Pâte à crêpes

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Recette facile et rapide de pâte à crêpes

Chandeleur crêpe

La crêpe est une spécialité française que l’on aime manger à toute époque et pas seulement à la Chandeleur ou au Mardi-gras. Quelle soit salée ou sucrée, à la farine complète ou au sarrasin c’est toujours un plaisir de déguster des crêpes.

Je vous propose de partager avec vous ma meilleure recette de pâte à crêpe. La recette est détaillée et vous y trouverez de nombreux conseils « cuisine » et astuces, précieux pour mieux réussir vos crêpes.
Les crêpes étant notre spécialité, nous proposons d’autres recettes de crêpes qui raviront le plus grand nombre. Si vous faites attention à votre ligne, essayez la recette des crêpes Dukan ou obtez pour une pâte à crêpes à l’eau. Variez les plaisirs avec des galettes bretonnes à la farine de blé noir, des crêpes onctueuses à la bière ou un grand classique, la crêpe suzette.

Vous recherchez peut-être une autre recette ? Retrouvez différentes recettes de pâtes, tels que la pâte à pancakes, la recette des blinis, des beignets, des gaufres, des crêpes bretonnes, des idées pour garnir vos crêpes salées ou crêpes sucrées.

Le site s’est enrichit récemment d’un annuaire des crêperies en France, vous pourrez y retrouver facilement des adresses de crêperies.

Si vous voulez plus de recettes de crêpes ou de galettes :

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La crêpe suzette

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Best Mower for Large Gardens

04-03-2018 By David McGowan Ride on Mower

A small garden is easier to mow compared to larger ones. This is why having a large-sized garden requires a mower that is heavy-duty and can fit several criteria. Among the factors that you have to consider when picking a mower for your large garden include the following:

  • It allows you to quickly cut a large portion of your lawn without too much force or effort
  • It can be used in a long distance from the source of power
  • It allows you to collect a hefty amount of grass before you need to empty it
  • It is can cope with an unbalanced terrain

Electric Mowers

There are electric mowers available in the market that can be used for a large garden. Among the benefits of using an electric mower include the following:

  • Noise pollution is less when you use an electric mower. While some noise can still be heard, it does not have the same sound decibel as an oil or gas-powered device. Your neighbors will also appreciate you for it.
  • Getting oil or gas for your motor won't also be a problem, and you will be able to reduce the probability of accidental spills.
  • Electric lawn mowers are also friendlier to the environment. Since they do not require gas, you won't be wasting natural resources to care for your lawn.

Petrol Mowers

Petrol Lawnmowers work great for large gardens as there are models with wide cutting deck. This means you can mow the garden area more quickly.

Other benefits of using a petrol mower for your large garden include the following:

  • You don't need to worry about the power source, which makes it easier to lawn larger gardens.
  • There are petrol lawnmowers that are powered by wheels. You will find it easier to move your mower around the garden.
  • Most models are designed for cutting large lawns.

Ride On Mowers

Ride On Mowers are best suitable for very large gardens such as golf courses or parks. Many have found the best zero turn mowers are top of the bunch in the ride on category, read more here. While it is expensive, the benefits of using a ride on mower make it justified. These include the following:

  • Using a ride on mower will require a lesser effort since the operator only needs to drive around while the machine performs the hard task.
  • Some models include special accessories such as plows for getting rid of snow during winter.
  • They also have a bigger capacity for fuel compared to other types.

How to Choose the Right Recliner

19-06-2018 By David McGowan Right Recliner

Recliners are like people – they also come in different sizes and shapes. While there is a wide variety of recliners purchasable in the market, you have to consider these things aside from its aesthetics. The perfect size, shape, and fit of a recliner will bring you the greatest comfort. This is why it is important to consider these factors and more before purchasing one.

Among the considerations you need to have before buying a recliner for your living room area include the following:


Consider the physical space that you have in your living room. Aside from the space available in your home, also consider the recliner size. Ask yourself if the recliner will fit your shape, read this article about find the best shape recliner for you. To find out if it perfectly suits your body, try to sit on them during your scout. The better the recliner chair fits you, the more comfortable you will feel.


While you are considering the cost you will spend on a recliner, you have to remember that scoring the perfect fit will provide more comfort. Also, while quality recliners may be more expensive, the best recliner will bring years of support and relaxation. Before purchasing a recliner, assess whether the materials used can provide longevity. Good Housekeeping says a typical recliner lasts about a decade with regular use.


Today, recliners come in various materials and design. When choosing a recliner, you also have to consider your style preference and your home’s interiors.


Recliners nowadays also offer an array of features, so you likewise need to decide what features you want to have. New recliners have features such as a headrest, which can cradle your neck and head to give you the optimum comfort. There are also recliners that provide full lumbar support while you are in a sitting or total recline position.

What to Cook in a BBQ Smoker that Would Complement Crepes

19-06-2018 By David McGowan BBQ Smoker

Almost all smoked recipes are a perfect complement to crepes. If you’re throwing a barbecue party anytime soon, you can consider these mouth-watering smoker recipes that will not only complement your crepes but will surely make your backyard BBQ a hit as well. Below are what you can cook in a BBQ smoker that would complement crepes:

Smoked Texas-Style Brisket on a Toast

Enjoy a slow-smoked brisket topped with pickled red onions on a toast. This will surely be a fun way of feasting on a brisket especially when the grilling season starts.

Smoked Salmon

This mouth-watering salmon dish is best for family dinners and parties. Have the salmon smoked for over 24 hours, dry it for a few more, and smoke it to get the best flavor.

Smoked Meatloaf

A perfectly juicy and moist meatloaf topped with a tangy, sweet glaze may just be your favorite comfort food yet.

Hunan Smoked Beef Ribs

This tasty recipe combines Asian flavors of Chinese five spice, Hoisin, sesame seeds, and ginger.

Smoked Whole Turkey

You will surely taste the distinct flavor of a smoked whole turkey if you prepare it with the right wood chips like pecan or hickory wood.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich

Stacked high atop a fluffy bun, this recipe will surely complement your crepe as it is loaded with spice and flavor. With its spicy BBQ and creamy white sauce, the taste is absolutely generous.

Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon

By the time you’re finished with the smoked salmon, your sweet maple syrup will be served right into it. This article will explain the right propane smoker for you to be able to pull this one off like a pro.

Honey Brined Smoked Turkey

While there is a serious preparation time involved, this mouth-watering dish is worth it. To get dibs on this flavorful recipe, you need to soak the turkey in honey-tinged brine for about 12 hours before you barbecue it with “smoke bomb”.

Smoked Ham with Maple-Mustard Glaze

The combination of maple syrup and mustard make a perfect blend for a sweet, tangy glaze, giving the smoked ham an outstanding flavor. It’s so good you will love even the leftovers.

Smoked Chicken and Wedge Salad

The crunchy salad consisting of radishes, iceberg lettuce, and sunflower seeds complements the smoked chicken well.

Mesquite Beef Ribs

This smoky beef ribs powered by vinegar barbecue sauce will surely have you returning for more.

Apple Wood Smoked Wings

You can’t find anything like the flavor of applewood smoked wings, especially those you cook with maple lemon sauce that cannot be beaten.